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Thank you for your patience. We were blown away by the enthusiasm and standard of auditions this year and you have given us a lot of head scratching putting this enormous show together! We’ve attempted to allocate names to many of the parts listed in the script. However, more will be allocated during rehearsals. Please be aware, some names appear next to more than one part below so check down the list carefully.

In addition to the parts listed below, the whole company will play a combination of Finnish townsfolk, plague victims, peasants, knights chorus, Camelot ladies, French people, monks, knights of Ni etc – there is so much more than just the list of parts below!

Please can you email committee member Sarah Boden on to confirm your acceptance/ non acceptance of the part. If you do not intend to appear in this production, please let us know asap as we are starting to source costumes.

Well done all, and see you at the first rehearsal!

Steve Boden, Sue Biddle, James Suckling, Louise Redmond, Liam Walker and the committee



King Arthur                           Anthony James

Lady of the Lake                 Hannah Roberts

Patsy                                       Matthew Everitt

Sir Lancelot                           Ben Wellicome

Sir Robin                                 Chris Arnold

Dennis/Galahad                  Callum Roberts

Sir Bedevere                        Robin Ashley Middleton

Herbert                                  Casey McKernan

Black Knight                          Callum Roberts

Brother Maynard               Jonny Barnett

Sir Bors                                   Mike Bulford

Mayor                                     Matt Everitt

Concorde                               Paul Sanders

Father                                     Graham Wilkes

French Taunters                 Richie Collett, Jon Gray

Frenchies                               Sarah Boden, Claudine Olney, Carolyn Taylor

Historian                                Kevin Coughlan

Head Knight of Ni               Paul Saunders

Mother                                   Sue Morris

Not Dead Fred                     Jonny Barnett

Tim the Enchanter             Richie Collett

Sir Not Appearing               Adrian Laing

Guard 1                                  Lauren Clarke

Guard 2                                  Louise Redmond

Head Mistrel                        Lauren Clarke

More Minstrels                   Kevin Coughlan, Mike Bulford, Amy Whittaker & Danielle Burrows

Laker Girls                             Amy White

Grace Bend

Kim Arnold

Lisa Gibson

Kirstie Smith

Louise Redmond

Dancers                                  Lauren Clarke

Ellie Rypma

Coren Hall

Sarah Smith

Danielle Burrows

Nicole Hunter

Adam Chapman

Adrian Laing

Ensemble                              Amy Whittaker

Angela Adams

Claudine Olney

Ryan Slade

Natalie Booth

Vicky Tomblin

Rebecca Soley

+ the Other CMTS stalwarts

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